Citizens of Earth — Vita Demo

I found out about this game via spamming videos relating to it on Atlus’ YouTube channel. Maybe spam isn’t the right word, but that’s what it felt like at the time.

Having finished a new 3DS game, I renewed PS+ and decided to try some of the “free” games I’d been hoarding. Memory space was an issue, so I figured I’d try this demo so I could delete it.

A lot of people compare this to Earthbound, but I’ve never played it. sorry not sorry I do see how one can come to that conclusion, however.

2015-11-01-022030The game begins with you waking up… at your mothers. Before you leave the house, she will join your party. You also recruit your brother via a short chain of events, which I guess serve as a tutorial. He gives you a tablet, and one of it’s features is to keep track of all your quests. Given how many I unlocked during the demo, it’s much appreciated. It also serves as your menu to access everything you’d expect a menu to have.

The demo itself is rather short, so I don’t think I can really get in to things like game play, etc. What sticks out most to me is not a positive thing, however.

Actual game play.
Actual game play.

Load times.

I thought the reasons for this was due to my way too full memory card. But judging from what I Googled up, nope. This game just runs kind of shit.

Go downstairs? Load.
Go outside? Load.
Go into battle? Lo… oh, no load.

The demo area is a town with buildings, leading you to too many loading screens.

I’ve seen comments saying Wii U runs worse than Vita, and that 3DS version crashes. It all sounds… rather nightmareish.

It’s kind of a shame, because this is a game I was interested in. Now it’s been regulated to the back of my mind, and the only chance of me playing this will be as a gift, a huge Steam Sale discount, as PS+, or whatever equivalent.


Sailormoon Crystal Mini Loot Post

Not all the stuff I bought, but some cute/noteworthy things (◕‿‿◕。)

Firstly, I was able to get myself a “set” of Sailormoon Almond Peak!

The seller also included an Umaibō, but it got crushed in transit. I didn’t try it yet, or look up the flavor.
As for the chocolate, I’m glad it didn’t melt! I’ve never had this before, so I wasn’t sure how it would be packaged. The chocolate comes in a plastic tray as you can see, and is sealed in a bag. The bookmark extra is in the bag, placed behind the tray so no chocolate will get on it. This is also ideal for weird collectors like myself, as it keeps the box clean too! In regards to the taste, well… It’s good, but nothing I haven’t tasted before. If you remember selling chocolate almonds in school, they taste like those.
I haven’t opened the other two boxes yet, so I’m not sure what other bookmarks I got. I want to complete the set, but I don’t see that happening.

100_3572The other items I’d like to share with you are some cute stationery I bought! As you can see, it’s also all Sailomoon, haha. I feel like my love of stationery stems from collecting pencils as a kid… At least things are generally cheap, though the prices do add up fast!
Not pictured was a pouch and some gashapon – also Sailormoon related.

Gachas are starting to get annoying… I need a good way to store them… I’ve been thinking of getting some of the Sailormoon boxes for them… but is that really necessary? (๑•﹏•) Some are annoying to keep in the capsules, so I will probably put them all in plastic baggies. Capsules are so much easier to open now, but bleh. They still suck. haha. If anyone has storage suggestions – preferably cute ones! – please share!

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor’s Path

I finally finished Gyakuten Kenji 2! The game was released in 2011, but since the English patch was only released this year… plus, I had trouble getting it working… it took me a bit longer to play than I’d hoped.

So, was it worth the wait?

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I bought a used 3DS with the vain hopes of obtaining an Ambassador one. From what I could tell, I did not get one.

I bought that 3DS a year too early for Animal Crossing. Only in the past… 6 months, have I realized, I did get Ambassador. And despite this, I’ve never really touched the games.

Waiting for YouTube to launch it’s gaming streaming thing, and coming up with ideas for things to (maybe) do. My mind is focused a bit too much on NES games, so I decided to finally try one I obtained.

The title makes it obvious what I'd picked.
The title makes it obvious what I’d picked.

I never really owned a NES. I mean, I got mine after my SNES and Sega. I never really searched out games for it, and Zelda was just something I never owned. Sure, I’d play friends copies, but we never actually got anywhere.

Well, now I’m going to get somewhere. Now I’m going to beat this game.
Okay, maybe not now, but I’m gonna slowly chip away at it.

However, I’m going to give myself a handicap. And that handicap is not using an FAQ. I am going to make an effort to only use what was available “at the time” — specifically the included instruction manual, and world map. I’m also going to be using the Miiverse to share my progress, and seek advice. Kind of like asking your friends at school, or your older cousin (I guess; I don’t have any cousins).

I completed the first level with ease, and decided to gather my information resources a bit better before continuing on. Clicking between browser tabs constantly is not good for game progression.
I will say one thing for certain — this game is a lot easier when you actually know where to go!


I meant to post this a few days ago, but oh well.

In regards to video games, I had to cancel two preorders off Amazon I was looking forward to. The new Etrian Odyssey, and Devil Survivor 2. The latter isn’t even out yet, but I already know I screwed myself over for money this month – like always.

Despite this, I did end up buying a new game for my Vita.
2015-04-26_19.54I was contemplating getting the PAL release, but as I was researching that option, I found out there was going to be an NA print. For only $25, I decided I may as well. That being said, I’m not really sure if I like the game or not. I’ve already recruited my sister as a party member, which feels kind of far in, but I dunno. If worse comes to worse, I can just sell it after getting 100%.

Using that as a segue, I’ve started working on Akiba’s Trip again. It’s a game I know I won’t mind parting with, but I need to get the Platinum before doing so.
While I don’t feel like an achievement whore and such, having something to tell me a game is “complete” seems like a good thing to aim for. Even so, it’s hard to slim down my collection. Mostly because I haven’t 100% a single game.

So, for progress in Akiba, I got Rin’s True End.

Leaving me with Shion and the little sister’s endings to finish up. I started Shion’s, but didn’t get very far yet. I need to focus on getting gear stats up, but it’s just so tedious. I was hoping to get the money achievement first. Either way, I’m going to need to play through this at least one more time after Shion’s ending.

And I guess that’s all for now. I bought some other stuff, but ugh, I don’t want to talk about it. All I wanna do is go to sleep. Sorry for worse rambling than usual.

FedEx Master Race

My lovely friend bought me some items from CDJ, and imagine my surprise when they showed up in about 24 hours!
The box itself is almost 50cm long, but that is no real surprise due to what’s inside.

Semi-related, does anyone else open boxes “upside down”? I find the bottom is covered with less crap, making it easier to open. I dunno.

First up is a somewhat old issue of Animedia. I got this mostly for the Sailormoon Crystal inset poster… It also comes with a Free! clear file, but I haven’t even watched that – meaning I’ll probably just sell it.

Next up is an issue of TV Magazine, which comes with a Sentai DVD, and a Sailormoon Crystal clear file. Again, I got it for the latter.

Lastly, the Q-Pot. LOOK BOOK. Dare to take a guess as to why I wanted this?

If you haven't noticed the trend yet, I give up.
If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, I give up.

Yup, there’s Sailormoon merch advertised in it (and some charming new art). Probably the most side eye worthy of the three purchases, but I’m never going to be able to afford these items – at least I can get cute pictures of them! Q-Pot also came with a mermaid shell handbag. It goes with nothing, let alone my style in general, but it’s adorable as well.

Japanese candy is something I’ve had an interest in for what seems like forever. The fact I’m interested in candy in general probably doesn’t help.
Even with my frivolous spending habits, I haven’t gotten to trying some of the gimmick candy like I want – but HLJ is having a clearance sale, and to my luck, I found this bad boy:

Fresh Caramel Maker by Takara Tomy
Fresh Caramel Maker by Takara Tomy

After a bit of researching, mostly to make sure my Anglo self would be able to use it, I decided to buy. There was also a takoyaki maker I wanted, but I’m super broke right now, and it sold out quickly. Anyway, I’m happy to be finally able to try one of these, though it will be awhile til it arrives… I plan on posting pictures when I use it!

While easily less interesting, I guess I should also note my continued lack of pleasure when it comes to figure related collecting. Even though I don’t buy scales, I do spend too much and am running out of room quickly.  … which is to say I am already very much out of room.
I’ve already fallen (mostly) out of love with Nendoroids, actually selling my Devil Homura, and surely more in the future.

Going along with the idea of my goods taking up too much space, I think I’m going to focus more on video game collecting. I get more enjoyment out of them, and they take up hardly any room. I plan on focusing on Vita games first, as there’s not a lot I feel lacking of on the other consoles I own.

I spent like three hours cleaning today, and of course, have nothing to show for it. If anything, I have more of a mess. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll be able to sort through some stuff more and list some things I own on eBay.